Where are the teahnicians?

I figured asking the preamp tubes for a g-2000 wouldn't be a difficult one to answer. I keep checkin' for response .. There was a schematic pdf on the site, I cant download it . I am cool you guys. is it crank? that's for volume not the other or is it ny? I have been a member almost 6 years I have had my g-2000 35? years. No one wants to help me . Thank you for reading. Frank


I asked a question in the forum. I am not very computer literate. Please read my question in the forum. Thank you Frank.

G-2000 dated 6/4/73 penciled in inspection initials. tube question

Hello people in here! I am so glad this sight exists.
What is the difference between RCA 6L6GB and 6L6GC ? I changed preamp tubes and it quieted it down alot and now the vibrato works great. The amp doesnt sound like 100 watts loud like it used too or maybe it is my ears, I dont know. I am considering changing out power tubes with old tested tubes instead of new groove tubes. All comments apprecaited. I have had this amp since 1979. without evere changing a tube. I know some of you guys used to work for earth. This site has been very helpful.

Old School

my earth amp

The Man Who Fell To EARTH!

Plush Royal 1060S Combo 2x15 Yellow Sparkle ~ Need Info!

I recently purchased one of these and can find no photos, information, value or anything about them.

Anyone with any links or info if you could send them my way that would be appreciated!

Earth Revival amp

I have an Earth Revival amp that belonged to my late husband. I need advice on how to find it's value. All I can find is the Serial #, no model number. He loved it and used it every day, it's in great condition. Can someone please point me in the right direction ? Thanks much.


I have a instrument systems corp guitar amp all thats on the tag is 1956-100041 and can't find it any where there must be numbers or letters missing please help if you can thanks.

esr b2000 w/ b18 cab.

I have been looking for another unit like mine for 35 yrs. and this is the first time I have seen one. Things are slow here in stark co. ohio for awhile now and I cannot procure funding for a trip to florida or the $500 to purchase your unit but I sure as hell wish I could. Mabey we could work something out. Plaese feel free to call me at the ph #. above as it is always a treat to speak with other ESR owners.

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