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esr b2000 w/ b18 cab.

I have been looking for another unit like mine for 35 yrs. and this is the first time I have seen one. Things are slow here in stark co. ohio for awhile now and I cannot procure funding for a trip to florida or the $500 to purchase your unit but I sure as hell wish I could. Mabey we could work something out. Plaese feel free to call me at the ph #. above as it is always a treat to speak with other ESR owners.

the endless search

i have been playing bass since 1966. in 1974 i purchased an earth sound research super bass b2000 from dusi music in youngstown ohio. this one sits on top of a cabinet model b-18. they are both in mint condition and i have dissembled the heads inputs and outputs to restore them to their original appearence.i have all the original tubes as i have retubed it some time ago in the 80's. the sound it produces is unmatched.

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