earth sound amp , 2- octal sockets , has simple panel :master treble middle bass volume, no verb or anything ,

need some info on an earth sound amp was given to me , trying to do custom rebuild with a bassman type preamp , using aux transformer for 6.3 v filament supply but don't know anything about transformers that came with it , 2 octal sockets , . had ss preamp . puts out 454 volts with a bassman type ss rectifier with 6l6's . which seems pretty high , maybe it used el34's ?/dont know power or output transformer specs . was given head removed from cabinet any help would be appreciated

B2000 18" folded speaker access?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Royal 1060s

It seem the History of Plush is somewhat vage. Back in 1968 I purchase a Plush Royal 1060s with a matching 2x15 bottom, what a sound that produced, quite expensive for it's time out the door around 600 dollars. This thing would move your pant legs even on the high notes. It had so much power and wave movement that it sucked the cones inside out, I went through 3 sets of ev's and a set of jbl's. Afew years after my buddies left the band for the service, and several attempt with new members, I couldn't hold a band together and gave up.

240 PA 2000 Stagemaster

Just unpacked it yesterday from an Ebay purchase. Not at all familiar with this equipment. Looking for a little advice on the reverb, (or rather - confirmation that it doesn't appear to be working...) All 4 channels produce no discernible reverb effect (and yes, the master is turned up). What i do get is a slight change in the tonal quality, and feedback when both the channel and master reverb controls are turned up approaching max. Is this thing supposed to produce the echoey sound that I'm used to on every other amp I own, or (crap, I hope not) do I have a problem here? Help, please?

Earth PA model 240

I came across a model 240 Earth PA. It only buzzes and when I opened it it appears to be a Reverb tank not an amp. #1 what can I check to see why it buzzes.

Super Guitar g2000

Just picked up an Earth g2000, I had years ago a b2000, I found a faulty mullard 7025 tube replaced her and the normal input sounds great, the vibrato input is weak, it is in the pre-amp, I found the schematic posted, I am hoping it is v-1 7025 that is giving the problem. Any ideas? I am the third owner. It is the head with the 2x15 Matching cab, I paid $350 For the rig,maybe a little on the high side but it took me a long time to find another. For some reason the original caps are still good.

Earth Sound Research Amplifier Knobs

I'm looking for a couple aluminum control knobs for my Earth Producer Series amplifier.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


Earth sound research Cmx-7 mixer amp 340/440/840

Don't know much about. Any info would be great
Can you just run your guitar through the mixer to a 4by12 cab thanks

Model 1950

I have a tweed Earth Revival Model 1950 in excellent condition. Can anyone tell me about this amp?

2x12 rebuild

Im looking for info regarding that reverb ? is it my amp or is that the worst reverb I HAve ever heard . I have it at the min. and its plenty ..I also would like to know if i can bias the amp by turning the pot and what is the procedure ?
please e mail me

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