Mark Neuman

Hi. Just happened upon this site by accident. Mark Neuman was my brother in law. I also worked in his company for a summer. Had a great time that summer. I assembled cabinets and installed the wiring harnesses for many of the speaker enclosures. I learned a lot that summer. Mark was a great brother in law. He always treated me very well. When Mark was in the very beginning stages of forming the company he was looking for a name. I was the one who came up with the name Earth.

Earth Day

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Earth Producer

Surprise Surprise ! As of 4 days ago I am also the proud owner of an Earth Producer Model 440 amp head Serial # 16139.

Friend of mine found it in a computer recycle been and I bought for $20.00. Never heard of Earth before but have heard of Plush.

Plugged it in and cranked right up. Needs a really good cleaning, but everything worked.

I also smiled when I opened up cab and reverb label read:
Folded Line - assembled by beautiful girls in Milton,WI (I am from WI)

Anyone think it was a steal? Did I pay to much?
Can anyone date by the serial number?

1969 studio 100 for sale or trade. NY

i have a 1969 studio 100 and tons of photos.
condition?: 9 of 10.
Really really nice.
wicked wicked amp.
i have owned it since 1969
and held onto it and have played it all these years.
and i've let go of so much other equipment,
i dont have room to mention it all here.
tech said...
forget about 100 watts, its well well over that and it gets natural harmonics or something.
every single thing functions as it should,
no tears no rips
2 12's
the right tubes
the reverb is bizarre, this has the sickest reverb of any amp ever made, not that there's a need for that much but...

Earth Superbass B-2000

Great site minus the spam. I recently was going to buy a PLUSH 4000g at a local Trade Up shop here in Portland. I put it on layaway for a month, went back in to pay it off and found a ESR B-2000 sitting there in kinda rough shape (loose chassis, dirty pots). I opted to buy the B-2000 because similar headroom but half the weight! Back is not what it used to be- plus it matched my Ampeg 4X10 in color and width.

I have been wanting a tube amp for sometime (gigging local and NW) since I had a solid state SVT 350 that just was not cutting mustard.

the endless search

i have been playing bass since 1966. in 1974 i purchased an earth sound research super bass b2000 from dusi music in youngstown ohio. this one sits on top of a cabinet model b-18. they are both in mint condition and i have dissembled the heads inputs and outputs to restore them to their original appearence.i have all the original tubes as i have retubed it some time ago in the 80's. the sound it produces is unmatched.

Anyone looking for a black G-2000

I'm thinking of selling my Superguitar G-2000. I was going to put it up on ebay, but I thought I'd post here first to see if anyone was interested.
I'm in Arlington, VA and you can reach me at

ESR Graphic Fuzz pedal attained, w00t!!

Wow, I didn't even know these existed until a couple weeks ago! Mine finally arrived after a swift but rabid hunt online, and has a few problems, but she's a real beauty! This is an opamp-based fuzz, but also has a pretty strange active bandpass filter that doesn't work so well, and is supposed to provide a 'cocked wah' sound(the Filter knob sounds best to me turned all the way off, cause the filter sounds kinda yuck..).

Earth Sound B2000 sweet in the studio.

Hi, Corey from Doomshade here. I just laid down the bass tracks for two of our new CD songs. We're playing very heavy hard rock, metal. The sound is sweeter than I could have hoped for! We set it up miked at 12" away from my Marshall JCM 800 4-10" cab. Older Washburn 6-string bass. Split on the pickups, EQ'd with minimum bass, mids at around half, and treble boosted to 7-8. Very smooth. Earth: The best kept secret in amplification! Later, C

Earth Producer

I also purchased an Earth Producer with 4 10" speaker cabinet back in 1975. Think it is a 73 model. I bought it off a friend of mine who was in a band for $300. Great sound and sooooo loud that you couldn't possibly turn it past 5. The AMP has been sitting for years unplayed since around early 80's. Pristine condition and looks just like a Peavey. I even had the footswith which my wife pitched (I could kill her)!! Well I got rid of the wife so it looks like I am going to have a reunion with my Earth Producer.

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