My Earth Rsearch Tube Amp b2000

I bought the amp about a few weeks ago for forty dollars.
It’s in mint condition and it just needed some cleaning.
I tried it on a Celestion 18 inch woofer and it played great!

Earth PA-2000: sleeper amp from HELL!

So I up til about 6 months ago played a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 channel blah blah blah. The type of music I play is big fat doomy Sabbath/Kyuss/Clutch-y stuff, and the Mesa wasn't cutting it. Too compressed. Too non-dynamic. Too damn modern. I decided I needed an old-school tube amp that did one thing well, rather than a modern jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.

Picked it up a few years ago

So, rooting around in the basement of a local music shop...

G -2000 Speaker box Upgrade

Feel free to E-Mail me for more upgrade pictures, or questions, at
I just recently had all new Mercury Magnetics installed in my G-2000 head. What a huge difference. Attached are also some of thouse photos.

I also have a schematic for the G-2000 guitar amp. attached

G -2000 Speaker box Upgrade

Feel free to E-Mail me for more upgrade pictures at
I also have a schematic for the G-2000 guitar amp. attached

G -2000 Speaker box Upgrade

I just recently did a compleat speaker update on my G-2000 cab. Also did some modifications on the way the speakers are retained to the front of the cab, and made up a different cord jack for the rear of the cab. The speaker retaining rings are made of T-6 Alum 1/4" thick, and the cord jack was made from a peice of 1" thick T-6 Alum. The speakers are a set of 8 Ohm. 80 watt. California Weber's with 2"paper voice coils, curved cones and Ceramic magnets, wired with a Weber parallel wiring harness to keep the pair at 4 Ohms.

Earth Sounds Research, 6-10 tweed

I picked up an old ESR amp around 1990, it was very loud, lots of distortion but noisey as in undesirable distortion not the good kind... its got a solid state peramp and tube power stage, (4 6l6 if I remember right) six 10's in a tall tweed cabinet. I think it needs an output transformer as I can only get a teeny little tinny sound from it now.... I havn't tried to troubleshoot it other than checking for bad connections and obvious stuff.

Earth G-2000 Rebuild Pictures

Hey Everyone,

Just came across this site and figured a few people would dig this. I just compleatly re-built and hot-rodded(a little bit) an old Earth G-2000 that one of the guitarist's in my band got off of Ebay. When we got it, it was a total disaster...person on ebay didn't know what they were selling. After going through and replacing almost everything with some new improvements...the amp is a fire breather!!!

Earth Sound Reasearch Super G2000

I bought my G2000 from a friend back in Ct. 1975. and it is still cranking out the tunes after sitting storage for some 20 some odd years. I 'm pretty sure the 2 -15"

I was the lead Technician for Earth Amps

Just stumbled accross this site and thought I'd leave a post. I worked for Earth during the 70's as the lead technician/soundtester. Basically I put the amps through hell before we shipped them. I also supervised the production line and troubleshot amps that didn't work. The owner of the company was Mark Neuman(think that spelling is correct). You'll have to forgive me but my memory of those days is not the best.(I also was a musician at that time)lol

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