Super Bass 2000

I bought this thing for 50 bucks. The fuse was blown and he thought it didn't work.

Someone at some point re-wired the pots and wired a couple of them wrong, so one on one channel controls the other channel and a coupel flat out don't do squat. I need to take it in to get everything re-wired and tubes replaced (originals as far as i know) and biased. After that, it's off to the music store for a cabinet.

The 2x15 cab my ex-roommate was running it through sounded great so i'm thinking that's what i'm going to get.

Earth Original 2000

The pic isn't the greatest, but this amp is the Earth Original 2000 two channel amp. It's 160W (not tubed) Channel 1 is a guitar channel including "verb", Channel 2 is the bass channel. The cab has 2 - 15" monster speakers. Other than the size and weight of this rig being a muscle buster, it really cranks!!

What I know about Earth history:

First there was Plush Electronics from about 1968, on
50th St. I visited the factory on two occasions, as I held the Plush franchise for Berkeley, CA from June'71 (operating out of
The Music Complex, which my friend co-owned).
Plush Electronics was co-owned by Ron Lipsky and a partner whose name I don't remember. Ron was the son of Maurice Lipsky, a musical mdse. wholesaler. All Plush amps were tube
models, the most commonly seen being based on the Fender Twin/
Showman, but more treble-y. These were about 100 W. RMS. There

My Earth Amp

I have an Earth amp head hidden away in some dark corner of my basement. It's a 100 watt tube model w/reverb, covered in black diamond-tuft upholstery. I'll post more details next time I stumble across it.

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