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I have an old beast i picked up about 10 years ago, that i'm trying to get an idea how old it is.Still work pretty good. Still rattles the walls and pissed off the neighbors.
It is an Earth "Producer" head Module 440 Power system.
700 watts. with 4 x 10 cabinet.
Unfortunatley there is no serial #.
I think it's a bass amp but use it for both.
Any idea about the age or what it's worth ????

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how old?

If you look on the underside of the chassis there may be a date written. Possibly with my Initials. ks with a circle around it. Yes I was the lead technician for earth during the 70's
Ken Stecher

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Maybe am I blind? I found no production date!

Hi everybody!

Three years ago I luckily found my Earth Superbass 440 Module (Producer series). This solid state monster-head is amazing!
The unit is still perfectly working and screaming: even on stage I never turned the master volume knob beyond the 5/12 spots... and when I read on the
backside of the amp where it's written "240 Watt RMS at 2ohms" I always start smiling.. They're more and more than 240 Watts!

Welll, now I'm so glad to have finally found on the net some information on E.S.S. amps..

1) I always wondered how old is that head.. Ok, probably it's of the late 70's. The serial number says #23693 but I went not too far with only that number.
Is there any "production-table" or any "serial-scheme" that can be helpful to me?
When I read this post I immediately opened the back of the head but unfortunately I found.. nothing!

2) While looking at the PCB where all the knobs are connected... it seems that 4 knobs are missing from that PCB!
The position of these 4 missing pots on the pcb are over and below the two "Level" and "Harmonic" pots of the "bass effect channel (Distortion)" Also on the basement of the head there are for holes (left by screws) that I could not figure out...
Any idea or explanation of that? Maybe the pcb was also used for other similar heads with more controls on the front side of the amp?
(soon I will send some pictures if needed)

Rock on!

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