Superbass B2000 Impedance

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Superbass B2000 Impedance

Just wondering if anyone knows the impedance for the B2000 head? I am guessing that it is 8 OHMS barring any modification, but I am looking for some input.

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Yes it's 8ohms, but will work just fine with a 4ohm load
Ken S.

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secondary out

What about the secondary output?
Does that make it 2 4ohms out or they both 8?

I recently purchased a early 70s SB2000
I play through an equally old kustom 3x15,
as my guitar rig. I am loving it!
But in search of the perfect tone,
I'm thinking of trying different speaker combinations.

This board has been very helpful in deciding to purchase
an ESR amp.
Any further help and info will be greatly appreciated!

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