producer schematic

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producer schematic

.......i have a pristine Producer head and 4x10 cab, and it's broken.......i need a schematic?

some bonehead (me..) unplugged the cab while the amp was on, and it didn't like it....HELP?.....taken the head to a few local repair shops and they seem to think it was assembled by aliens.

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Earth Producer schematics

There is a web site called

From there you can find a link that will sell you a schematic and or service manual for about $20

Would anyone know how to fix a dead tremolo circuit on a producer 440 power module guitar amp?

Rockin Ronny Gee
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Good Luck

If what i hear is true these amps were all hand wired and assembled. You might have to try and find someone who actually worked for them to figure this one out.

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