1961 112 Revival

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1961 112 Revival

I am the owner of two 1961 112 Revivals. The 1st I have owned for 30+ years. Poured beers down it and fried it 20 years ago. Been trying to get it back to normal for all that time. Never seemed to get it right. Recently ran across another one just like it. The serial number is older but it is very clean. Paid $100 for the latest 112. The owner thought is was blown...

So I now have two of these. Both from the early 70's. The new one is older but in prime shape. I replaced the tubes and it cranks.

With the new one I can now get my older 112 back to spec......

I love these amps. They sound better than my 5150.


frank the crank ny
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pouring beer down an amp

I've fallen drunk into and knocked the stack over. These amps have seen some partying!

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