B1000 head needs proper cabinet

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B1000 head needs proper cabinet

I found a B1000 recently and the power is outrageous. We tried to plug it in to a trace elliot 2x10 but the head was clearly too powerful. I'm seeking a 2 15 cab, like a Peavy, Sunn, or Acoustic. I have given up the dream of finding the ESR 215 original cab. I am looking for advice on what would be the closest cab match I should be looking for and if other people have experienced the smaller cab near blowout. Also, any advice on warnings, special maintenance, etc. Thx

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2x15 cab available

i have an earth B25D (2x15). the tuck and roll is rashed a bit (torn, stapled, etc.), but that adds charm. also, i had to replace the speakers (loaded with 400 Watt carvins) and the grill cloth (used a white iridescent fabric from a wedding shop). so, 800w, 4 ohm handling.

i would be open to selling it. i am in the Akron Ohio area.

images: Here
looking at the serial number, it might be #32. i cannot tell for sure. it looks like an aftermarket speaker jack was added and the nut obscures part of the S/N.

email: j AT projectginger DOT com

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Earth 2/15 Bass cabinet

Got one $400.00

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ESR 215

I have one with eminence speakers in it. Still looking for one? What would you give for it?

frank the crank ny
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speaker cab

my g2000 head is a padded one. I found a kustom 2-15 bottom that ia also padded black. The combo looks and sounds great! I have tried the head hooked up to 4-12 cab. I think a peavey. No comparison. the 2-15's is really what the amp likes. THUNDEROUS tones. 1/2 way up (you need no overdrive or fuzz box). play the Dm intro to Niel Young Ohio, it can be heard 1/2 a mile away. Frank ... good luck

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