Plush 1000s/Earth G2000 tubes too tall! Suggestions?

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Plush 1000s/Earth G2000 tubes too tall! Suggestions?

I just picked up a Plush 1000s head, which is pretty much identical to the Earth G2000. Both have the same dimensions, and that brings me to my problem: its a narrow-ass enclosure! My tech wanted to re-tube the power amp, but all the tubes he wanted to use were too tall, so he ended up using some slightly used Mesa tubes (I know, ugh) because they were the only thing he had on hand that would fit.

So does anyone out there have any suggestions for a brand/type of power amp tube that a) sounds good, and b) will fit in these pinched Earth/Plush enclosures? Or am I looking at doing some routing?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Tubes to tall

Hello aldersmoke1,
I had the same problem with mine, so I vented the cabinet, the JJ 6L6's I put in mine were very tight so I cut the top and made a screen cap for it, it looks like I bought it that way. Contact me at for photos of the vent job. It was pretty easy.

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You can use 5881's they have

You can use 5881's they have shorter envelops and are a good repalcement for 6L6;s in most cases.

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