Earth Producer

I also purchased an Earth Producer with 4 10" speaker cabinet back in 1975. Think it is a 73 model. I bought it off a friend of mine who was in a band for $300. Great sound and sooooo loud that you couldn't possibly turn it past 5. The AMP has been sitting for years unplayed since around early 80's. Pristine condition and looks just like a Peavey. I even had the footswith which my wife pitched (I could kill her)!! Well I got rid of the wife so it looks like I am going to have a reunion with my Earth Producer. Sold my old Gibson Melody maker and bought a new Gibson Les Paul (how sweet it is).

Over the past 30 years whenever I asked ANYONE about my amplifier they would say EARTH who? never heard of it. I recently went into Killer Vintage Guitars in St. Louis (knows alot about classics) and they acknowledged it. I was always told my Earth was a cheap Peavey Knockoff....but I don't believe it. I haven't had much time to play over the past 30 years so it will be pretty cool to see what the Les Paul sounds like through my Producer. I agree with a previous's one hell of a big unit to lug around. Cool to see somebody, somewhere who shares what I thought was a really one off amp. Any idea what a pristine producer is worth? From what I see the survivors must be quite scarce and clearly are rock solid units.

Thanks, Steve