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yellow ed
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Looking for cabinet

I need a cab for my Original 2000, anyone looking to sell one?
Even if if it's not loaded, I may be interested.

Also, any details anyone may be able to share regarding the Original 2K

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2x15 cab available

i have an earth B25D (2x15). the tuck and roll is rashed a bit (torn, stapled, etc.), but that adds charm. also, i had to replace the speakers (loaded with 400 Watt carvins) and the grill cloth (used a white iridescent fabric from a wedding shop). so, 800w, 4 ohm handling.

i would be open to selling it. i am in the Akron Ohio area.

images: Here
looking at the serial number, it might be #32. i cannot tell for sure. it looks like an aftermarket speaker jack was added and the nut obscures part of the S/N.

email: j AT projectginger DOT com

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i have one of the big honkin 2x15 cabinets and it's loaded with the original speakers. it's easier to get ahold of me at lookitsnatebaldwin@yahoo.com if you're interested.

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