Anybody selling any gear?

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Anybody selling any gear?

hi i'm in so cal and interested in buying any padded gear you're ready to let go of (kustom, krossroad, plush, earth, etc.)

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Earth gear online

You may want to look at this URL: You have to call for most of the prices on their used stuff, and it may be that its no longer available. I haven't had any $ to play with so I haven't looked into it, but they seem to have some interesting stuff. I thought maybe I should post this for everyone to see (as a topic), but since you've been looking recently, I'm letting you know first, and leave it up to you to get the word out to the rest (I'm sure someone else on this site will be interested if you aren't, unless they are asking way too much). Those amps should be getting played on, not just sitting in a shop collecting dust.

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I have an earth amp on ebay right now!!!

I would part for it for $250.00 shipped. I really don't know much about it. It works and is loud. Heres the link:

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i am selling a B-25D 2x15

i am selling a B-25D 2x15 padded cab. see the recent threads for some folks looking to get an Earth cab for more information.

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