Convert any ESR amp to Fart Sound Research

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Convert any ESR amp to Fart Sound Research

You can modify the logo with a bit of black electrical tape. Black out the bottom line of the 'E' in Earth and black out the 'H' in Earth completely. What you're left with is Fart Sound Research. If your lucky enough to have a bass head you can go the extra mile and make it a SUPER ASS B1000 (or B2000 or whatever you have). Don't forget to convert the BASS knob to an ASS knob. As if these old earth amps don't draw attention as it is. The overdrive from my B1000 is awsome. Actually it sounds great, period. Some guys from another band set mine up this way years ago and it stuck. It was a good laugh when I saw like that for the first time at practice, and still is now and then.