Help with my Earth Super Bass Producer Series

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Help with my Earth Super Bass Producer Series

Hi there,

I got my Earth amp and speaker enclosure about 18 years ago.
Back then I played regular and loved it. Then it was standing for about 12 years in one of our storage rooms.
Now I got it out again and want to refurbish it.
All info I got is the following.

Earth Super Bass Producer Series
Power System ESR Module 440 with 8 power transistors on its back.
2 channels with 2 inputs, slave amp and foot switch jacks on the front
serial number: 13680
Made in USA, Farmingdale, NY

It was buildt for line input of 120VAC 60Hz, but works here in Germany with 230VAC well.
I dont know if it has been modified, but I think so.

Speaker Enclosure:
Model: SPG-25
Serial: 14249
4 Ohms
Made in USA, Brentwood, NY

I think the 2 speakers are still the original ones.

The pots are not 100% Ok anymore, but the amp itself seems to be working fine. Also the jacks might have some issues.
I would really appreciate any comments on this baby and how to get and keep it in good shape. Infos on the age would be nice too.