newly aquired G-2000 needing info / parts

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newly aquired G-2000 needing info / parts

Hey everybody...this site is very cool---I just picked up an Earth G-2000 Super Guitar black padded head and matching black rectangle tuck and roll cabnet on castors sporting 2 15" speakers. I lucked out and found this at a yard sale for a whopping $25.00. They said their dad who owned it was 94 years old (how the hell he could have moved it around for the last 20 or so years is beyond me) It is in overall original excellent condition but with a few tears on the cabnet. I took off the bottom access cover on the head and found "OK" and a circled initials of either KS or RS with 8/11/72 written on the bottom of the chasis.
It seems as if it has the original tubes from what I can tell, but haven't taken the head out to examine it properly, but with just a flashlight pointed thru the back grill, I think the power tubes have green writing on the bases.
Anyway this thing sounds nothing short of awesome--super warm tone--pure tube heaven, and it is loud enough to play any stadium in the free world to understate the obvious. I can't believe this thing--I have been playing in bands since 1975 or so and have never heard of Earth before (but have seen a few Plush amps though) --what a well kept secret these things are--as others have stated this thing beats the crap out of so called modern boutique amps, especially for the money that they go for (not counting what I got it for).

a few things I would like to know:

1) how and where to aquire an original footswitch---I did plug in the footswitch from my '70's Twin and it works like a charm..and I know that Fender makes that footswitch and costs $ 40 (almost twice what I have in the amp ha ha)

2) this one came with a very cool cover for the head (black with gold piping--very heavy duty) I was wondering if the cabnets originally had covers as well.

3) the speakers in my cabnet have silver cones with a black dot in the center, my friend says that means they are probably Eminence---were they the original stock speakers? there is another speaker jack plate under the stock plate so I would think that some kind of wiring work was done at some point.

4) are these based on black face Fender Twin or Dual Showman or whatever (?) circuts? I did see that schematic someone posted and I do know a guy who is an amp wizard so if I ever have to get this thing fixed or gone thru it won't be a problem---right now I don't want to change a thing as it sounds so freeking good

5) the reverb on this is deeper than the one on my Twin---it is closer to an outboard sound but without the Dwell knob or so---the vibrato isn't as deep or as fast as what is on my Twin though--any comments?

6) this thing has a record out--anyone have any feedback on using that feature?

7) I am not too sure what the slave thing does other than the ability to link several amps together (why anyone would need to is beyond all resonable thought)---what indeed can be achived with slaving?

thanks for all replys in advance and keep the "Earth" spinning peace, Floyd