Selling a Plush 1000s

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Selling a Plush 1000s

I've got a Plush 1000s 2-channel head I'm trying to sell. Champagne sparkle tuck-and-roll. Cosmetic condition pretty good; missing a few buttons and a little scuffed here and there but otherwise OK. Identical to the Earth G2000. Has been recently serviced and tightened up by a qualified tech. Pre-amp tubes test fine, filter caps replaced, 3-prong power cord installed. All features work: reverb, tremelo, both bright switches. The power tubes are 6L6s, pretty close to new. My tech put them in slightly used because the old ones were shot and the Mesas were the only ones that fit the narrow head enclosure. I'm told there are brands that fit, or that the top panel can be routed to accommodate more modern-sized 6L6s.

This is 110 watt, 8 ohm, and for those of you out there who know the difference, its one of the older ones, before the power tubes were moved and the printed circuit board introduced.

Feel free to contact me here if there's any interest. I'm in Minneapolis, MN. Will be trying to sell the amp on Craigslist as well. I can ship it if you pay the freight, though pickup would be preferred.

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how much is this going for?

how much is this going for?

you can e-mail me at if you'd like.

i would need it shipped by the way.

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