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Earth Amp Story

In the late 1970s when I was a teenager living in Sayville New York on Long Island I was at the local mall (SUN VET Mall) and a guy came up to me in the parking lot and asked if i wanted to buy a guitar amp. This was purely spontaneous and ironic sincve I was learning the guitar and dreamed of having a half stack. I was brand new at playing the guitar as I just bough a Univox Hi Flier guitar. I said sure and he took me to his car and showed me a Earth Amp head. I was maybe 15 at the time. I asked him if it worked replied that it did. He wanted a lot for it and all I had was $20 in my Chritmas Fund a the bank. Long sory short I bought the amp for 20 bucks and me and my friend lugged it home. I pluggd into a beat -up (also a classic) gibson cab i had and was blown away by it.

A few months went buy and I realized I was killing the Gibson Cab as I could not resist the volume. I heard about a new company near Mac Arthur Airport that was selling guitar cabinets and amps at great prices. I went there with my friends and found a 4x12 I could afford. They were practically giving them away. I can't remember the brand - speakers were great but the cab looked old fast - wheels fell off, etc. I paid something like $150 for it. The owner of the company was there. He asked me what I was using for a head and told him Earth. His eyes lit up and he offered me any new head in the shop for the Earth. I declined and he replied that he was the founder of Earth, he talked a lot about Jim Marshall, and how good Earth was and it was shame they were no longer being built. I could not give up my Earth ( i believe it was a producer) even after this man said he wanted it just for nostalgia. Could this man have been Mark Neuman?

I took this cab home and played the guitar with the amp at max volume. The neighbors, who were nice folks, would beg me to stop it was so loud! A friend lived ablout 3/4 a mile away and could hear me jamming clearly. It was an awesome amp that never failed me. One loud beast that sounded really good.

I sold it when I was in $300 for the half stack in 1984. It was one of my biggest mistakes. I now play pretty good, have Gibson Les Pauls, American Fender Strats, and custom shop guitars playing through Engl and Peavey EVH 5150 half stacks but still miss my Earth Amp. Yesturday I saw an amp that looks like my old earth amp on Earth Producer Series. I won the bid at $58 and it is being shipped.

Can anyone tell me about this amp?


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Was that gentleman a type A

Was that gentleman a type A individual and did he have Red Hair?

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Earth mistery

I love the story man.
I bought my earth in a store in holland.

the Earth amp was basicly beeing used to display other amps because it was sitting under a pile of amps.
It was the tweed that caught my attention, so I descided to 'redecorate' the store to get to the amp. (moving maybe 8 or 9 amps before I could reach it)
Plugged it in and bought it. They are FANTASTIC!

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Amazing story...

Amazing story...

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