G2000 & B2000

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G2000 & B2000

I bought both amps recently and wanted to know if anyone has information on the ohm output for them. nowhere in the schematics, nor under the chassis is there labelling for ohm and watt output.

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superbass / B -2000

I discussed these subjects with ken schecter some time ago (he was lead technician for earth in the 70's). My suberbass / b2000 came with a single acoustic cabinet that is 41T x 24W x 24D. It has a reversed 18" Infinity speaker that is rated 4 OHMS, but the head will also run on 8 OHMS. You can use more than 1 speaker provided they have matching ohms ratings (4 or 8 ohm setup depending on how they are wired up). I have 2spkr. outputs , the left one is main and is used first. The right one is external spkr. Stated power rating on back of head at power cord input is 270 watts. Removal of the bottom panel under the head reveals Ken Schecter's initials in a circle with an OK dated 2/7/73 with SR # 10270. Hope this helps.....

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Haven't been on this site in a year or so. I have a G2000 with the original 4 ohm cabinet. Hope this helps.

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