studio 100 for sale/trade

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earl kayoss
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studio 100 for sale/trade

1969 studio 100 for sale or trade. NY
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Thu, 2010-03-18 20:53 — earl kayoss
i have a 1969 studio 100 and tons of photos.
condition?: 9 of 10.
Really really nice.
wicked wicked amp.
i have owned it since 1969
and held onto it and have played it all these years.
and i've let go of so much other equipment,
i dont have room to mention it all here.
tech said...
forget about 100 watts, its well well over that and it gets natural harmonics or something.
every single thing functions as it should,
no tears no rips
2 12's
the right tubes
the reverb is bizarre, this has the sickest reverb of any amp ever made, not that there's a need for that much but...
it's crazy, the amount you get.
4 channels.
etc. etc.
you know the amp.
the earth emblem is there up front,
the plate with ":earth" + serial # etc. on the back.
would really like to trade for a guitar.
a decent one.
Ibanez Artist or something.
or will sell to highest offer.
you can e-mail me/request photos (I have many) at:
if it has to be shipped, it weighs like a Fender Twin, keep that in mind.
I am letting it go because I am old now and have 3 lighter amps.

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