B-1000/B-2000 Superbass Mods-n-schematics

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B-1000/B-2000 Superbass Mods-n-schematics

I bought a tolex covered B-1000 Superbass head for $25 from one of my son's friends complete w/ orig? big bottle GE tubes. After repairing a number of mouse chewed wires the sucker fired right up. Long story short, the amp had almost no high freqs. I wanted to use this thing for guitar and not bass. After replacing all of the electrolytics and tubes and setting bias's still no highs. I rewired the tone stack to a Fender Bassman's (some improvement), then I swapped out the cap on the Low boost switch and changed it to a "high" switch and BINGO. This amp sounds great, 100w of pristine warmth. For anyone interested the B-1000 and B-2000 were basically the same amp except the 2000 had a 2nd input "channel". I can email anyone interested schemos of the B-2000 (couldn't find schemos of the 1000 anywhere).