B2000 Value Inquiry...newbie would appreciate your help

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Ben Jammen
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B2000 Value Inquiry...newbie would appreciate your help

I recently came across a B2000 amp and matching cabinet. The amp has been re-tubed and capped with Ruby Tubes and other than some scratchiness in the knobs, performs very well and is incredibly loud. It's also in decent condition. The handles are intact and sturdy, no rips,no major scuffs all the buttons are there etc.
The speaker cabinet,on the other hand, shows that it has seen its share of shows. There are long rips on the rear, right where the sides meet the back. A noble attempt was made to contain it from getting longer by some creative hand stiching but it is plainly visible (from the back) from 3-4 feet away. In total,there is likely anywhere from 40-60 light scuffs, here and there, on all sides. The grill cloth was re-done but a respectable job on that.The metal frame of the handles are still there but not the palm grip part. It has both of its original speakers but there's some issues with one of them. The 1/4" jack Earth emblem on the back is loose,dented and a portion of the lower corner is missing. All the buttons are intact but some have tears in the vinyl.
Based on the provided info,along with the photo, I'm wondering if anyone can help me decide if I want to buy it. The guy was asking $650.00 and I offered $500 tentatively,pending actual in person inspection and testing.
I then told him I wouldn't go more than $450.00 and he's countered with $475.00. I don't really need another amp but yet, I have a recording project coming up soon and all of my other amps are solid state, soooo, I was thinking that I may just buy it for the recording and then decide if I want to keep it or sell one of my others or ????
What I'm trying to find out is...should I stay firm on the $450.00?
Is that too much?
Should I jump on it for $475.00 because it's a good deal?
If I choose to sell it later, will I at least break even?
Is it worth pulling both original speakers and loading it with some real good ones?

ANY advice or opinion would be valued. Thanks, Ben

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frank the crank ny
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Go for it dude. I would'nt

Go for it dude. I would'nt even bicker over 25 bucks. Just buy it.
I have had and used one over 30 years. Nothing sounds like it. You will have enough power to cut through any mix with plenty of headroom. If you play out, you will get alot of people say "I haven't seen one of those in years" . I have had the cops called on my amp alot. It rattles windows dude. You will not be dissapoined. Does take up room but it will fit in most cars. Frank

Ben Jammen
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RE: ADVICE~opinions & 2nd opinions welcomed!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a private transaction, not a music store or on-line...it was listed on Craigslist. I have 2 15" Peavey Black Widows I was thinking might go good with it.

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go for it

I've bought several Earth/Plush heads in the last 2 years, $450 or $475 sounds pretty damn good to me. If the head's in good shape cosmetically and everything works, that alone should be worth $250-$300. The cabinet is a little more iffy, not so much because of the cosmetic condition, but the question of what needs to be done to the messed-up speaker. Still, $475 for the works is on the low end of fair, for sure.

The thing with these amps, in my experience, is that there seems to be a different price point depending on whether you're buying it online or from a shop. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a shop put this amp/cab on the floor for $700 or even $800; however, on Ebay, they go for considerably less. So of this is a shop sale (and I'm thinking it must be, if you've had a chance to play it in person), its a really good deal; you're basically getting an online price without having to pay the $200ish in shipping it would cost to send that behemoth via UPS.

Hope that helps.

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It's a Classic

I would say go for it. $475 for the stack is reasonable. If it plays.

They aren't making any more of these and the value for a working amp will only increase. Plus they sound great, and are loud as h*ll.

These are a true classic with very few working examples available.


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