Earth amp schematics/footswitch

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Earth amp schematics/footswitch

Not bad schematics for 15.00, I think an amp tech can work with 'em for repairs. Site is:

I have Earth producer 440 Module(I think 1975, at least that is what is on the schematic), no footswitch.
It is an exact duplicate of early '70's Peavey Musician.

Peavey gave me the e-mail contact for a footswitch, the Switch Doctor, and he said he could build a footswitch. He knows where to get that 3 pin DIN plug it uses.

Is there anyone else who needs a Producer 440 footswitch? Maybe if he makes a couple he would give us a little discount.
I e-mailed him all the electronics info ncessary from Earth and Peavey. If Peavey uses and recommends him can't be a bad deal.

Anyone interested e-mail me, it's gotta be less expensive if he makes more than one at the same time.

Maybe Lucent remembers what they look like and could give this guy a heads up on the design.

my e-mail is:

Charlie K.

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My 5150 Footswitch

I have never had a footswitch for my Peavey Standard. It has a Seven Pin connector so it is not quite the same as your amp.

My 5150 and Peavey Roadmaster footswitches both have two switches. One for Channel, the 2nd for Reverb or Effects Loop (5150). They both use a standard stereo 1/4 inch plug.

They look like this:,85/brand,sameday/6505footswitch-a12a37a9f6c900f1a35f7a648ec89f9c.jpg

Seems to have been a consistent Peavey look since at least the early 80's.

You can probably pick one up on eBay for cheap and then modify the internals to match the necessary connections for your amp. Might also require updating the original DIN so you can get a plug that would fit.


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