UNKNOWN EARTH AMP, Need specs, Please help

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UNKNOWN EARTH AMP, Need specs, Please help

I got this amp in bad shape. The output was blown so badly i couldnt figure out the ohmage. now I need the specs to fix it, can anyone hook me up?

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Are you saying that the

Are you saying that the output transformer is blown? What sort of testing have you done so far?

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this thing looks sweet as

this thing looks sweet as hell, i've never seen an earth like this. i'll keep an eye out and try to figure out what it is. but on the chance that you ever want to get rid of it let me know, i'd gladly take it off your hands.

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Yeah, I've seen a pile of

Yeah, I've seen a pile of Earth amps, but never saw this particular one before. No idea what it is. Looks cool though, I like the 4-inputs.

How do you know the output is blown (guessing you mean the xformer?) Can you elaborate? This might be really stupid, but I'm assuming that you have the fuse and tubes which are all missing in those pictures you posted.

Not a wealth of info out there on Earth's, so provided you can't find the specs, I would just take it to a good amp guy and get them to take a look. Most pro dudes could at least figure out what's needed without specs/schematics, etc. Many will give you the low-down for about an hour's worth of bench of time (40 to 60 bucks?) Then you can decide if you want to pay them to fix it or not.

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