Using a b2000 as a guitar amp

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Using a b2000 as a guitar amp

This is my first post. I picked up a b2000 a few years ago (with black vinyl) for 180 dollars. I put in new low filter capacitors because I play with a five string. Didn't make a huge difference, but it was definitely better. I usually use it at church with a 2001 warwick corvette (active/passive) and an ampeg 4x10. Sounds excellent! My question is, have any of you used it with a guitar and distortion pedal? If so, how is it?

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I use my B-1000 for guitar

I use my B-1000 for guitar all the time with overdrive, fuzz, and other pedals. I also use it a lot for Baritone, as well. Sounds amazing. Bass amps usually have 12AT7's in the preamp, but if you change them out with 12AX7's (or at least one or 2 of them) you will get a lot more gain, much more suitable for guitar.

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