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g-2000 owner

I don't mean to sound dumb here but, here it goes. I've owned a G2000 head for about 15 years now. I purchased it from another musician up the street that needed money for a bag of smoke. I paid $50 for it and it came with a Guild 1x15 cab. I have played on it off and on ever since. I just recently took it to a friend of mine that works on and hot-rods amps. I know that the date on the circuit board reads July 22 1972. I used to live in Tacoma, WA where i've had many many offers from people wanting to buy it but, have never let it go. I sure as hell am glad I never did especially now. Last week I stopped in the shop and checked progress on the head and by buddy was like "oh my God dude, I've never played on or worked on one of these before now but, this is the best sounding amp that's came through here in a while" He is not doing any mods or anything just restoring it to original state. It's not even done but works enough that you can plug in, so I did. I was blown away, I have never heard this amp sound like that since I've owned it. The trouble is, It works but my guy would love to have some kind of original spec sheet or diagrams of the head to make sure that everything is for sure the way it should. I didn't take the time to read through all these post as there may be something in here but, If anybody would care to turn me into the right direction I would be forever grateful. I will add this amp is in excellent condition and as soon as I get it back will be posting pics of my prized G2000 head. Thanks in advance for any help. - Chris

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hey chris--i think this

hey chris--i think this schematic has been posted in a few other threads around here. hope it helps:


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Congrats on your amp! My son bought me mine for a Christmas present from a shop that deals in vintage gear. Your amp is two years older than mine however. Although vintage amps seem to be the rage, inevitably what one must deal with is the age of the carbon resistors and the capacitors. Two of the power amp tubes' 470 ohm resistors broke in half on me during rehearsal, which prompted me to restore the amp. The owner at the Dayton store (Fretware Guitars - where my amp came from) told me that he replaced the two 15" drivers. During the overhaul I looked at them. One was an Emminence and one was a MG (whatever that is) subwoofer. For a guitar amp, that was no good, so I replaced them with two Weber California 15's. I also purchased 4 California 10's for a separate cab. The amp sounds great now! And man does it move some air.

I was able to order all of the parts from an electrical supply house in Dayton, Oh, and the tubes off the internet. Man! The tubes were $210 by themselves! I cannot believe how much they've gone up in price.

Overall, with the exception of the tubes, I replaced a host electronic components. I still have some scratchy pots (volume), but I don't usually move them around; I use a volume pedal. I replaced the can caps with Atoms, and all the rest with orange drop. I also replaced bunches of resistors. If you would like to see some pics, send me your email address.

I still have the parts list I made up for the electronic components, and the G2000 schematic. However, you can get some info off of the Fender Twin Reverb Blackface schematic as well, which probably sparked the whole patent infringement question. I'm not sure.


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