Earth sound research monitor speakers.

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Earth sound research monitor speakers.

Hello everyone.

i'm new on this forum and i have a question for you guys..
my dad gave me some Earth monitor speakers(the speakers dont have any model or serial number on them), and i played over them before with a sony TA-AX22 amplifier (65W 8 Ohm)
and a Inkel Audio Mixer System 800.

when i played with those speakers it sounded GREAT! but now i have a problem it doesn't work anymore..
when i plug in my guitar and try to play a get a really fuzzy distorted sound and the VU meters jump in to the red.

does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?

please help.

after some tweaking and some help from my father i finally got them working, Great sound very loud so.. it's everything i expected to be:)

P.S. does anybody know what model they are does anyway know some specifications?

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mixing board + amp254.05 KB
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