what do i have? (movin)

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what do i have? (movin)

hello everyone, new to the forum here. well i picked up an amp at the pawn shop today. its called a "movin" mv10. the guy at the shop suspects it is a solid state bass amp from the 90's. but the label claims it was made by "earth sound research corp" it has 3 knobs, volume, treble, and bass, and a 9! inch speaker... never heard of an amp with a 9 inch speaker. but thats what i got. it worked at the store, but now that i brought it home (it wouldnt be life if this didnt happen), it putted out.

any idea what i got?

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Can you post a picture?

The original Earth Sound Research company from New York went out of business in the late 70's, so if it is an actual Earth it is much older than you think.

The 9" speaker, if pushed right can sound great for recording. Check out the Roland Micro Cubes. They may even have a 5" speaker. Or the Original Pignose 7-100. Not super loud but they sound excellent.

How about a picture of the amp and label so we can all see what it looks like.

Sounds like a cool little amp in any event if you can get it working.


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