Super Guitar G-2000

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Super Guitar G-2000

Picked her up last night, normal channel didnt have full output, one of the mullards was faulty, I replaced it sounds great. The vibrato input has white noise, must be a problem in the pre-amp for that part of the circuit, I have the schematic, so tomorrow I will replace v-1 and hopefully that will clear that up, other than that she works great, may be a bad cap but the tube is the easiest, I paid $350 for the head and matching 2x15 cab. maybe be a little high but I am the third owner, I had a b-2000 years ago and wanted another, this was a close match and original. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome, I know I should recap her but she seems to function as she should, at least on the normal channel. Thanks

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Not that high of a price, you

Not that high of a price, you did good. Looks cool. Where are you located?

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