ESR G1000

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ESR G1000

I have an Earth Sound Research G1000 head sitting in a spare room. It has not been used in 13 years since I acquired my Marshall 100 watt JCM. I tried to pan the amp then for extra cash but couldn't get any takers. It was great for blues guitar but as hard to overdrive even with a Marshall cab and Big Muff...too clean. I wonder if I could use an attenuator or a pre-amp mod. I wish it had a master volume on it. I keeping it but can anyone give me a heads up on making it sound better?

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An attenuator might work, but

An attenuator might work, but overall, they're a pretty "big and clean" type of amp, similar to 60's bassman. They have to go pretty damn loud to break up.

You could also sell it to me and buy something lower wattage that would break up the way you want it to. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Get in touch if you want to sell it:

soviettubes @ gmail dot com

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