Found my old Super G-2000, Anyone know where to get a reverb tank?

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Found my old Super G-2000, Anyone know where to get a reverb tank?

I un-earthed my old super G-2000 from the dark regions of my garage. Forgot even putting it there over 20 years ago. All of the crazy upholstery was doomed by a mouse, same for the cabinet. Powered her up and was amazed she blows my solid state & digital equipment out of the water. As dirty of a beast as she is and even with a couple creepy spiders living in it Ican't believe how bright and warm the tone is. Back in the day I couldn't play it much, even on the lowest setting it was too loud to practice with.

I brought the head in today and think I'm going to fashion a new custom natural wood cabinet for her. So it's either do that and try and find the reverb tank or if that fails I should find a new home for her.

Any suggestions on reverb parts would be much appreciated.

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Reverb tank

Scott Flesher of might be able to help you with a replacement tank. Email him with your amp model, and he should be able to tell you what you need. You will need a tank that matches the send/return impedances of your amp's reverb section. Not just any tank will work.

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