Earth G-2000 Super Guitar

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Earth G-2000 Super Guitar

I have an Earth G-2000 and I am wondering if there is a separate ohm load for the second speaker input. I'm currently running a 4 ohm cabinet. I wanted to get a second cab, but I'm not sure if I can plug in another 4 ohm cabinet. Do I have to make sure the two cabs total 4 ohms? I also cracked open the bottom of the head today to find one of the larger caps is not connected. The capacitor in question is the TC 805a. I'm not sure what the cap is for but I've been using it for a while without knowing the cap is disconnected. It sounds great even without the cap. Let me know if you have any ideas about either of my two questions.

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Depends, if the cabinet has 2

Depends, if the cabinet has 2 speakers and the other cabinet is 8 ohms you'd have to rewire the 2 speakers in series for a total of 8 ohms then when you plug in the other cabinet (each cabinet 8 ohms now, total impedance would be 4 ohms which should be fine. Hope that makes sense. If you need just email me at and i'll try and help.

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