Royal 1060s

It seem the History of Plush is somewhat vage. Back in 1968 I purchase a Plush Royal 1060s with a matching 2x15 bottom, what a sound that produced, quite expensive for it's time out the door around 600 dollars. This thing would move your pant legs even on the high notes. It had so much power and wave movement that it sucked the cones inside out, I went through 3 sets of ev's and a set of jbl's. Afew years after my buddies left the band for the service, and several attempt with new members, I couldn't hold a band together and gave up. I lent this beast out to some kids to do a gig and it never made it's way back. Since I've tried several combination of heads and amps, even the invincable peavey 1820's but nothing compares. I sure would have like to try pushing that head through a couple black widows. Let's keep serching for the history of The Plush Sound.


Plush Royal 1060S w/matching 2x15 bottom Yellow Sparkle

I recently purchased one of these and can find no information on them whatsoever!

Anyone have any ideas as to value? I can find no photos or anything!