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Speaker access

Thank you for any assistance!

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If my memory serves me right

If my memory serves me right Lucent is correct. You need to remove the grill which should come off relatively easy. Hard to picture in my mind after all these years.
Ken S.

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My Guess, based on the photo

My Guess, based on the photo would be that you have to pry off the front grill somehow. Then you could remove the speakers. How is the front covering attached? Sometimes they are on a frame that is glued or screwed in. (Don't think they had velcro back then :-))

Is the covering all across the back? 2nd guess is that you have to remove the tufted covering to get at the case screws. But it is probably solid with access through the front.

Cool Stack BTW, Bet it screams. Gotta love these old cabs....


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