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Earth Producer

Hi all,

I'm searching for informations about this model of Earth Producer amp I found.

Photo attached bellow.

Thank you in advance.

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mail me yor address Peavey

mail me yor address
Peavey send me the schemes which should be right

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Most likely a clone of an

Most likely a clone of an early Peavey. I have an old Peavey Standard 400 that is very similar

If you read back through all of the posts on this forum you can get some more info. Earth did a great business copying other brands. The old Earth Amps crank and usually sound very nice. There aren't many left around so value is dependent on quality and location.

Yours looks a bit rough. Take a look at the one on this post.

It has all the original equipment. Yours seems to have replacement knobs. What does the inside look like?

So maybe $100 – 300 USD if it sounds good. Maybe more if you can find a collector.


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