A little bit of History

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A little bit of History

The following is an E-mail I received from Andy Fuchs
He said I could post it here so .....

"I worked for them for about a year. They were an interesting company.
There's a website at www.plushamps.com or is it www.plush-amps.com (I
forget which), which covers their sister company. I believe that Plush
became Earth after they moved to California and I think Earth bought the
remains of what was left in the NYC factories. I worked for one of a
number of subcontractors who actually built the Earth gear for them.
They never actually had their own factory (that I'm aware of) , but
rather ended up making their stuff at various subcontractors. They used
a few around the NY/Long Island area, and mostly copied Fenders (for the
Plush and later Earth stuff that looked like it), or Peaveys. We
actually used Peavey schematics in the shop for service ! The biggest
problem was, they copied Peavey, but used inferior output transistors.
Sad part was, that everything else was equal (or in some cases better)
than the Peavey counterparts, but the outputs failing hurt them as many
amps came back for service or repairs. They used a high-grade military
subcontractor (Qualtrol Electronics in Deer Park), who built vending
machines, and military aircraft electronics. The metalwork and circuit
boards were copied from Peavey, and duplicated very accurately. Peavey
was planning to sue them (they actually flew one of our technicians to
Mississippi to interview him about the whole process), but the end
result was Peavey's attorneys advised him to change the models to new
designs, as it would be cheaper than suing Earth.

They did business under ISC Audio, and the two owners were Marc Neumann
and Dave Garrett. They went under, and eventually Marc started importing
under the "Tour" brand name, which were foreign made (Japan I think)
solid state amps, that blew up and went on fire, and he went out of
business pretty quickly."

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Earth Amp Owner

First, to MS Jaclyn Neuman , my condolence's. I did not know your Dad.
But I have played Earth Amps and I still have an all original Earth 100 watt combo amp. I still use it all these years later. It shows it years of service nowadays but it sounds great and has been very reliable.

The best thing I can say about it is, People that hear it and use it today love it too. It’s my diamond in the rough as it were. The only thing is, it weighs a ton, LOL!!!

This old amp and I have had some great times.

Jaclyn Neuman
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some more information

hi i'm Jaclyn Neuman and i am the daughter of Mark Neuman, the creator of Earth Sound Research. You're information is right on the money, besides the spelling of my father's name ;) thanks for keeping people updated about the old company, my dad recently died of a heart attack and it's great to see a website like this where his company is still remembered.

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Your Dad!

Hi Jaclyn,
You dont know me but my name is Kenny Stecher and I worked for your dad for a number of years during the peak of the earth amp days. I liked your dad and we got along together very well. I would tell stories about your dad to friends and I guess the funniest part of the stories were about how he was a "A" type individual, and how I had to talk to him in movement. I couldn't get him to stand still for a second. He made me tired just watching him.
I have recently been in touch with a number of folks that have Earth Amps and am proud to tell them that I worked at Earth and if they have an amp that was built at the time I worked there, My signature is on the bottom of the amp. It has also occurred to me that these are actually not only still being talked about but actually still working after over 30 years later. I've thought about your dad over the years and would have loved to have tracked him down but was unable to. Those were good times. I was a musician and technician and my job involved supervising a production line as well as sound testing the amps with my guitar. Not too many people get paid to do 2 things they love to do. Anyway, my condolences to you and your family and I'm sure he will be missed. He was a good guy!
Long Live Earth
Ken Stecher

Jaclyn Neuman
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oh and i'm sorry it was china

oh and i'm sorry it was china not japan.

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It is a sad loss to not only your family and friends but also a loss to those who revere earth products. I am one of them . my name is jeff and i have had an earth b2000/b-18 cab. since 74' (mint). I have been looking for another,b-18 cab.forever,but thats another story. info you can provide on tech. support and / or paperwork to the earth faithful would be greatly appreciated. I know that I speak for all when I say everyone at this site is feeling a loss of not just a person but a part of art and history. Your father played a part in shaping our world; you should be proud that he had such a legacy to so many and although we are few here at this site and only a minor representative of global perspective,we are all appreciative of his work, his company and his products. He must have been quite a man . I sincerely hope that you do correspond with us in the future- jeff nolan, canton ohio.

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