Daisychaining a B2000

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Long Island Bassman
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Daisychaining a B2000

I have a B2000. I bought it in High School around 1980 with the money in my piggy bank. It is still going strong!

I have used a big EV cabinet since I bought it. Recently, I purchased a cheap 2x10 cab to make my set up more portable and suitable for playing in small to medium sized gigs. If I wanted to use both cabinets at once, how do I do it? Can I plug one into Main and the other into the secondary "external", or is there a better way to daisychain?

This head rocks. I've retubed it once since I've owned it. The drummer I play with, who I've played with since High School, insists I use this head and put the rig right up his ass!

mohito marv
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4 x 10 cabs.... I have!

I just purchased a couple of these columns ....... they have seen a lot of use in a country band.......... but, I bet they still sound great ....they did when I heard programed music through them!

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I use a 'Y' cable and daisy

I use a 'Y' cable and daisy chain my two 2x12" Earth cabs to the main input in my Earth amp.I used a multimeter to make sure the impedance was correct.I think you may have to check that both your cabs are the same ohms,(when you daisy chain cabs it halves the ohm load).

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