Earth Sound Research Stagemaster 2000 PA

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Chris Prouty
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Earth Sound Research Stagemaster 2000 PA


I have an Earth Sound Research Stagemaster 2000 PA from the early 1980's that I will selling very soon eBay, if anyone is interested. It comes with a 240 Watt mixer/head that has 4 inputs with volume/bass/treble/reverb controls for each channel as well as master volume and reverb controls. The two speaker towers each contain four 8-inch speakers. I set this up this morning and my Les Paul sounded awesome (and very loud) through it. It is in decent shape, not perfect, but still presentable with dings and dents. The internal electronics/pots/jacks probably could use some cleaning as it has some static when you first turn on the power. I won't be shipping it anywhere myself, it just weighs too much! It is located in eastern Massachusetts and the buyer will either pick it up or arrange for shipping.