My 1958 revival

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My 1958 revival

This is awesome!! I have an Earth tube amp. I bought it in 1978. It looks like a tweed bassman but it has 4 8" alnico speakers. I think it's a 40 watter. I used to hook it up to my 4x12 Marshall cab. It has been out of commission for about 3 years now. I had a problem with it that one of the caps (silver canister, I think 450 uf) would blow and white creamy goo would come out of it. The last time it happened I just wired the single one to both leads & it eventually stopped working. Don't know what fried but I sure want to get it back up & working again. Any body who can help please respond.

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Revival Problems

Hello, The earth Rivival series are the easiest amps to fix any tech could fix them witout a schematic
I have (6) of them, they came in 40, 50, 60, 100, watt models all had the same chassis..same PCB the diff is 2 6l6 or 4 6l6 and a couple diff in resistors depending if it was a bass or guitar model
the Revival series (All) were tweed tolex,, the only other diference was the speaker setup..
I have 1-12, 2-12, 4-10, 1-15, and 6-10 .... they (ALL) had solidstate preamps (BUT) for having solidstate preamps they are really nice sounding amps..very tube sounding

I also have a number of all tube Earth amps... with the tuck and roll covering, they (ARE) plush amps down to the very last componet.... I have a lot of amps and the ALL TUBE ESR amps are the loudest amps I have ever heard...hands down... you have to be very careful not to blow speakers with these

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Dang where did you get all of

Dang where did you get all of those? Sounds awesome!

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