Earth Sound Research - My Story

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James Brannon
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Earth Sound Research - My Story

I am the bass player for the band the ShovelByrds ( I had been playing a Hartke 3500 head and Hartke 410TP cabinet for many years because I liked the weight and sound. When my father in-law died in 1993 I inherited his 1973 Earth Sound Research SuperBass B2000 head and B25 (Twin 15" speakers) cabinet although I never used it. I was getting unhappy with the Hartke sound with the aluminum speaker cones. It was starting to sound brittle to me. I got the Earth out, had it retubed (it still had the original tubes!) the fuse holder repaired and BINGO, real tube sound and lots of it! The head is 100watts and with my 1974 Fender Precision bass using the Superbass input it sounds great. It doesn't add a lot of tone or change the characterists of the sound. It is just big and warm like a bass should be! I play classic rock style originals and some rock and blues cover tunes. Great amp that is now a permanent fixture in my touring setup! I Love it!

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i bought a Super Bass off a

i bought a Super Bass off a roomate of mine a few years ago. He was running it through a 2x15 cab and even had it turned to it's lowest level and i couldn't believe how good it sounded.

These heads are way too loud to turn up without being in a concert setting. I only wish the Serial Number tag hadn't faded out .I need to get some work done on it though cuz someone wired the pots wrong. Can't wait to get it properly set up!

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