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Earth G-2000 Amp

So, I ended up working in a music shop in Idaho Falls, ID and I literally stumbled across an earth g-2000 and matching 2 x 15" cab while working in the basement one afternoon. The original speakers had been caniballized and the amp was listed in inventory as not working or worth fixing. I picked up the pair for 75 bucks total and took it home and immediately began tearing it apart. All said and done I replaced a fuse, reset the bias, and set a pair of Jensen Mod 15" speakers in motion. This amp is my personal favorite. The crunch that I can pull out of this thing tears my 88 fender twin apart. For such a small price the sound (and the look) is envied by my boutique amp friends. Earth is possibly some of the most underrated equipment that I have ever used. If you see one, snag it before everyone else catches on.

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G-2000 head

I very much agree. I have had many and still have many amps, both combos and head/cabs, and I still to this day pride my earth G-2000 head over any of them. I actually payed the same amount you did, 75 bucks. It came with a Guild 1x15 cabinet with a Fender speaker in it which I have since blown and replaced. I now play the head with an older early 80's Carvin 2x12 and it has more balls than any of the others I have. I also, replaced all 10 tubes with Groove tubes and it was like an amazing rebirth of the already great sound it had. I would never trade or sell it for anything but I have had many offers and have turned them all down. I've also let a few people use it for some studio recordings in the Seattle area which I am very proud of. I would love to find an original footswitch that came with them but have had no luck. I will second that statement, If you find one of these Earth amps of any kind grab it.

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