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G 2000

I have an old Earth G2000 guitar amp head, not sure what year maybe "72""78".
Does anyone know where I can get info about it.
Also looking for a ballpark price.
It's been looked at everything works just fine.

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Year of amp

You might be able to find out what year your amp is by taking off the bottom cover on the head. the person who worked on it at the factory dates when it was inspected on the bottom of the circuit board.

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your amp. $300-450 roughly.

keep me in mind if you're selling.

tbone adrian
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I have a b-2000 head and am

I have a b-2000 head and am looking for the G-2000, i bought the half stack i have now for approx 300, e-mail me and let me know what you want for it. sound_scape@suddenlink.net

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What is the difference

What is the difference bwteeen a G-2000 and a B-2000? I have what is called an Original 2000 head, and I'm assuming that it's a G-2000 because it has distortion and reverb, which would more likely be used on a guitar rather than a bass. However, the front of the head, on either side of the Original 2000 name plates, it says Guitar on one side, and Bass on the other. Does that mean anything, or do they all have that distinction?

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