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I will not be giving you alot of information to work with, but any insights would be appreciated. I own an Earth Sound Research combo tube amp - speaker cabinate (amp and speakers in same cabinate). It features two(2) 12 inch speakers. I went a number of years of not playing it. The tubes no longer have indentifying markings, thus making it impossible to find the proper tubes for the amp. I have had it repaired, but this does me no good without being able to replace the tubes. I am located in the Houston area.

I would love to get this rig back to running condition, but am afraid to get the amp repaired until I am sure I have the tube replacement situation under control? I purchased the rig new in 1979. Does anyone have any insights on what little I have provided? Thank you in advance for any help in this matter.

** It is very likely that this is one of the Earth Sound Research 1955 Vintage 212 Reissue **

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'55 revival

i have a 212 revival that uses 4 ''6L6'' tubes. i replaced them with Peavey ''Ruby'' 6L6's and it just screams. i also had the 3 watt(2) resisters up'd to 5 watters in the pre-amp and that gives a much deeper (warm) sound. hope this helps and don't forget to have the tubes biased !

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In my opinion, the Earth amps didn't use anything out of the ordinary for tubes. Most likely they were 12ax7 for the pre-amp and something like EL34s for the power stage. Basically, any amp tech who specializes in tube amplification should be able to fix this easily, and there are many brands of replacement tubes on the market.

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