I was the lead Technician for Earth Amps

Just stumbled accross this site and thought I'd leave a post. I worked for Earth during the 70's as the lead technician/soundtester. Basically I put the amps through hell before we shipped them. I also supervised the production line and troubleshot amps that didn't work. The owner of the company was Mark Neuman(think that spelling is correct). You'll have to forgive me but my memory of those days is not the best.(I also was a musician at that time)lol
I also was involved after I left Earth with Hartley Peavey who was in the process of suing earth for ripping their designs. By the way, the earlier earth tube amps were original designs but the later solid state amps were sort of ripped off. If anyone reading this has an Earth Amp, chances are that I tested and played it. My Initials KS are written on the bottom of the chassis with a circle around the letters.
Not much else comes to mind but feel free to contact me at my email address kg999@aol.com.
Still have one of the solid state amps that rocks.(looks like a PV with the Earth logo)





Ken, I have a G-2000 that is wonderful. 4 6L6 tube head, two channels with a 2 X 15 cabinet. I just can't give it up. Cranking it past 2 give is such a sweet, smooth distortion.....I've used the head with a 2 X 15 Kustom cab for bass and it sounds wonderful! I'll look for your initials, but thanks for the amp!

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help pleaze :)

I had a friend give me an earth sound traveler Lt 2000 amp head(150 watts)!Problem is I don't know if it's for a bass or guitar.Its' in REAL ROUGH CONDITION,he had it in his barn :(.anyway theres alittle silver tag on back panel with the #19529,is that the date for this head? Any help will be greatly appreciated!Thank You.Steve.


Hello Ken,
for years i was looking for this amp i first seen in a second hand music store here in France (early 90'). I find two of them on ebay:

I'm ready to buy the cheapest, but i have some questions:
realy tube amp? diference Brentwood/Farmingdale? which one do you prefer?
the sale end is closed, i hope you can answer me soon.
excuse my english.


original 2000

Hey Ken, very cool that you found this site. I'm a recent Earth convert: I bought a Stagemaster PA-2000 a couple months ago that I'm using as a guitar amp. $200, plus about $250 in maintenance (new power tubes, 3-prong cord, plus ALL the attentuator and reverb slider switches had to be replaced) and modding, and I've both replaced AND improved upon my $1700 Mesa. I'm curious: what differentiated the G-2000 and B-2000 from the PA-2000? The PA-2000 works great for me because it has a master volume. I had my tech mod one of the 4 channels for more gain, and the thing is now awesome.

One other question: the late 70s heads like the Original and the Producer are all solid state, correct? I ask because there's currently an Original on Ebay, and the seller insists the the 4 circles on the back are tube sockets. I'm beyond skeptical, b/c the damn thing looks like a Peavey and is completely enclosed, which I thought was a no-go for tube heat dispersal. Still, thought I'd ask.

Thanks for contributing to this forum. Its the only resource for Earth on the whole damn internet, and even the info here is pretty scant. It amazes me that no one knows about these amps, particularly the tube stuff.

OK, one last question: do know where I can get a yellow one? :)


Considering buying Super G-2000 Head soon

That is a super coincedence. The head I am looking to buy is an eath super G-2000 that looks much the same as the old Kustom head units to me. Even more suprizing is the jacks for the missing footswitch are RCA sized or similar to older Twins and Bandmasters. This head has had the roll and tuck covering spray painted over but amp works well and face is clean with all the factory knobs. The covering is worn off in a few small areas on the rear back corners. I am very interested as this sweetheart is a 10 tube amp that reminds me some of the Fender Pro Tube Series amps made just after Rivera. The footswtch is long gone however. But, if old Fender RCA F/S will work -- owner states vibrato should as well. The revarb pan is missing if I recall. I guess what I am attemping to find out is value of this amp in good working condition for it age and needeing a basic going over -- good cleaning, new tubes, and maybe the caps replaced. Finding a footswitch that works would be great and a Kustom 2x15 cab would look just great on it. The 2x12" cab from a K-100 head is availble at local pawn shop and is silver/beige tint metalflake in mint or basically 9.5 or 10 condition. However I think the super G-2000 is near 24" wide and would hang over sides of 2x12" cab. If not the pawn shop has the matching Kuston K-100 SS head in great shape as well. Installing the super G-2000 in that head cab would be really sweet. If you have any information, schematic, footswitch info, or idea of the value for working super G-2000 head please feel free to write me @ denalywolf@aol.com

RE: G2000 owner

Hey Ken, I think I have one of the amp heads you checked out it has S/W OK KS with the circle around it then a # 10399 dated 5/18/73 I'll send you some pictures, I thought I'd never find out anymore info on these old heads. mine is still rock'n the house down. This was luck that I found this site, it's pretty cool if your trying to find out info on an amp that is so old . Never mind the thought of finding someone that also worked on them when they were in production.


Pretty cool to know one of my amps is still out there, still pumping out sound after 35 years! Guess I did good work. (lol) Send me those Pictures!
Ken S.
Boy, I'm old. That was a fun job. 1/2 day doing electronics, the other half sound testing amps.

RE: pictures of my G- 2000

Re Hello Ken,
Be on the look out for thouse pictures of my G- 2000 amp. I e-mailed them to you on 2/3/08 and also on 2/4/08. I made sure to send the picture with the signature, and date it was serviced on. On the inside bottom of the head, enjoy. You can contact me any time for more info at ironman1@bwmail.us . Later man, remember KEEP IT LOUD, AND KEEP'EM ROCK'N. Thanks again for your input.