ESR Tweed 6-10's...please help

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ESR Tweed 6-10's...please help

I picked up an old ESR amp around 1990, it was very loud, lots of distortion but noisey as in undesirable distortion not the good kind... its got a solid state peramp and tube power stage, (4 6l6 if I remember right) six 10's in a tall tweed cabinet. I think it needs an output transformer as I can only get a teeny little tinny sound from it now.... I havn't tried to troubleshoot it other than checking for bad connections and obvious stuff.

Anyone got any ideas? I'd like to get this going again either in its original design or... I was thinkin..... maybe I could build a tube preamp for this and make it sounds better than it ever was?
I'd appriciate any help I can get - schematics? ideas? comments?

thanks, jef