Need identification help on new acquisition...Earth Super Bass Producer

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Need identification help on new acquisition...Earth Super Bass Producer

I did a total impulse buy on craigslist and bought a Earth Super Bass Producer for $75.00. Have did some extensive research and cannot find anything on it. Not even listed on the Earth websites.
Anybody out there know anything about this head? I did plug it in when I got home and it has some great tone and is loud. Says 220 watts at 2 ohms on the back. If it is 220 then it is like my old Acoustic 140 type watts louder than the 220 watts that you buy today..

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Same situation

I just bought the same amp broken at a yard sale and don't know if it is worth fixing. Have you found anything out about it? Does yours say 700 watts at 2 ohms on the back?

What kind of Cab are you using?
I have a ACME b2 which is really power hungry and am wondering if this will drive it.

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Super Bass Producer

I have the same amp head and it also says 700 watts on it but i believe thats imput not output, the output is around 240 watts @2 Ohms. I run a vintage peavey 2x15 4 ohm cab in one side and a peavey 2x10 @ 4 ohm on the second. This combo is so freakin loud I can't turn it up past 3 in our rehearsal studio which is about 40x40 . I can get anything from a crisp funk pop and slap to a heavy metal thunder to a deep bluesy rumble out of this rig. The best part is my neighbor gave this head to me for cutting his grass this summer with my rider. I invested $325 in speakers and have a bitchin bass rig. I play both active and passive pup's basses thru this and both sound incredible. I will get some good pics This Friday @ rehearsal to post.


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